Meet my new puppy!

I realize this isn’t actually a photo of me and a puppy, but this is my “human puppy” and granddaughter, Reagan, age three. The comparisons between my little human puppy and a real puppy are amazing. For your convenience, I’ve put together my Top 10 list of similarities:

  1. She’s almost house broken. If I withhold liquid after 7PM, she can make it through the entire night without an “accident.” However, if she has a bit of Root Beer (or “Beet Brr”, as she likes to call it), I can guarantee she will need a “wee wee pad”, aka “Pull Ups”.
  2. She doesn’t eat the furniture, but I have caught her chewing on inappropriate objects. For example, pencil erasers, paper clips, and pennies.
  3. She’s a bit of a “resource guarder,” as she doesn’t like to share her HPGs (Hard Plastic Guys) and/or her “Chickens”, aka “chicken nuggets.” She actually growled at me the other day. I thought about squirting her with a water bottle but we thought a timeout would be more effective. It was.
  4. She doesn’t drink out of the toilet, but I did catch her splashing in it the other day. When I found her, she exclaimed rather bluntly, “I’m playing in your toilet!” Thank heavens for liquid sanitizer, although I have caught her drinking that too.
  5. Right now, her recall (“come here” command) needs some serious work. When she’s in the yard and I call her to come, she runs the other way. Eventually, I resort to shaking a bucket full of HPGs (again, Hard Plastic Guys) and she cannot resist and comes running. Like a cookie to a puppy, positive reinforcement is often the best solution.
  6. Something she’s getting better at on every outing is resisting the need to greet strangers because, as I have explained to her, not everyone loves being greeted with sticky hands or being licked on the face. On the other hand, I don’t want to squash her friendly spirit and sociability. There’s a fine line between keeping them social and not letting her end up someone else’s little puppy.
  7. A tired three-year-old is a well-behaved three-year-old. Sure, she gets a little cranky. But that doesn’t last long and then she falls asleep, usually in the middle of chewing on something, like a “binky” (pacifier) or, as I’ve mentioned, an HPG.
  8. She loves to jump on the bed and when you say “off”, she won’t do it.
  9. She loves to play with other puppies but she’s often guilty of having “third dog syndrome,” otherwise known as the peace keeper. She doesn’t like conflict, although that doesn’t apply within the context of her toys (see #3, regarding resource guarding).
  10. Above all else, the biggest similarity I’ve found between her and a puppy is her undying love, devotion, and loyalty. She truly lives in the moment, doesn’t care about the future, and doesn’t look back. I wish that would last forever.

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