Feature / Wooley

Our foster dog, “Wooley Bully”, needs a home!

“Wooley” came to us from a good family but sadly, like many dogs, her “Dog Ma” just didn’t have the time with her busy career to give “Wooley” the time she needed for training and exercise. Wooley came to us at 82 pounds and is now an athletic 60 pound Doodle! She is available for adoption to any family that has kids older than 14. She’s great with people and if anything, she’s the dog who “loves too much”, so we worry in a home with young children, she may accidently barrel them over. She is four years old and since living here at the ranch, has received tons of obedience training. She’s now ready to make the transition to her forever home. She loves to fetch, hike, and is a good watch dog too. She would be best as a single dog. On occasion, she will play with other dogs but it’s people she is mostly drawn too. She would most likely be fine with an older male dog who would let her be queen.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in “Wooley Bully” just email us at info@puppymanners.com. “Wooley” has lived here with us since January and we are just now putting the “woof” out about her. I have personally taken her shopping with me many times and she’s easy to shop with and has great leash manners. And let’s face it… With a grin like you see above, what’s not to love?

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