Read below what our students say about us.
We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and the extra attention you gave Fergus when he was feeling down. It was a huge relief for all of us to know he was in such good hands while we were away. With much appreciation,

- Skinner Family and Fergus, , WA

Tag and I love everyone at Puppy Manners!!! You all are so friendly, supportive, fun and have helped me tremendously with any questions about dog behavior. Everyone is so knowledgeable and willing to take time to discuss any questions. I'm thrilled Tag is learning how to be around kitties/cats without chasing them. I watched the magic that is Karen, who worked with Tag to "leave it" and he is learning not to chase cats. We work on that at the island & I appreciated seeing Karen "in action". Wow, incredible!

I know Tag loves to see you all because he always eagerly sits up in the car the minute we pull into your long driveway.

Thank you for creating a safe, welcoming, happy place I can leave my dog while I work or in case of emergency. There is nothing more infectious than being greeted by your little firecracker, Leah! She is so upbeat & bubbly I always feel rejuvenated after seeing her! I must add, it is a delight how beautifully you keep the grounds. I used to bring mom up just to see the awesome Christmas decorations and summertime flowers. Kyle is very talented. I've picked up some great decorating & planting ideas just from your grounds. Thank you for everything, you all are the best!!

- Dana Larue and Tag, , WA

Hi, Becky,

I am emailing to thank you for giving me some great advice in our puppy manners class, namely that we should all get insurance on our puppies until they were two years old. When I realized how much the insurance cost, I really didn't want to get it, but you convinced me and BOY was that a good thing. Pippin was hospitalized twice last week before they diagnosed a foreign body in his intestine and did surgery to save him. Two hospitalizations, 4 additional vet visits and a surgery all paid for!

Thanks again,

- Mike Chastain and Pippin, Seattle, WA

Thank god we taught her passive restraint at puppy class. We had to restrain 150 pounds today at the vet for a bandage change. She did great. Calmed right down.

We would have had to sedate her otherwise. For sure. Go ahead and share. Feel free to share the picture too. It helps with the whole ambiance.

- Julie Betts and Dakota, , WA

Have great confidence in leaving our pup for day school. Thanks for this good service and fantastic personnel. Two woofs up!!

- Deb Lazetti and Gracie, Brier, WA
Hi, George and Dave,

Just wanted to say that the Happy Paws seminar was the best seminar I've ever attended, bar none. As someone who professionally created material that helped customers learn complex technology quickly, I admired and valued the breadth, depth, practicality, and efficiency of the teachings, packed into a mere 3 hours. And thanks for the stories, and coffee and donuts, too. All my equipment just arrived, I'm looking forward to practicing a bit more on a few pencils.

- Mary Lingel and Lady Vi, Sammamish, WA

Becky, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and Tatyana for discussing the tethering with me last week. We took home the one that goes under a door and it’s been an absolute game changer for me! I feel so much more in control and more able to keep my wits about me when Logan (our black lab puppy) gets riled up. THANK YOU!"

- Kinberly Pazaski and Logan, Bothell, WA
Dear Becky,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Dave for the most excellent training class and expert advice to which I have been privy for the last 6 weeks. Due in large part to your class, Copper is a much better behaved and, I think, a happier dog - a combination of training and the extra exercise he is getting. I am so glad I signed up for your class and I will carry the lessons learned through for long.

Warm regard,

- Savita Krishnamoorthy and Copper, Redmond, WA

Becky, George and Dave,

Thank you so much for class today!! I've owned dogs for years, taken many classes with each one, read so many books and I took Sydney my labradoodle through 4 of your classes in the past few years. Sydney is very mellow and was so easy to train.

We recently added Darby at 8 weeks and as George describes her - she is the Life of the Party. So full of energy and has challenged me more than any other pup. We've had her for three weeks.

I was like a sponge in class today and I hung on every word. Love that you zeroed in on mouthing, and at the same time put the class at ease to not expect too much out of our pups. I want to thank all of you for your professionalism, ability and incredible patience. I was blessed by each one of you at different times during class and really appreciated George directing cars out front before and after class!!

I have a friend that works at Allstate in Bothell and she wanted me to bring Darby by after class. I used what I had learned about greeting new people and mouthing as well as telling people how to greet her and it went so well!! At least half of the people I met told me they are considering getting a puppy and I was a huge walking advertisement for Puppy Manners!

I'm looking forward to many more classes with Darby - I'm encouraged after today. She's a pistol but she does respond well to good training. Thank you again - looking forward to putting this into practice.

- Larry & Lindy McDonough and Sydney, Kirkland, WA

Hi Puppy Manners folks and Heather at Flying Ace,

We wanted to say thanks for all your great classes and amazing instructors for the incredible training Kolya received from both places over the past few years.

Kolya is an awesome family dog now, and we love to see him play around our new kiddo, our nephews, and the neighborhood kids. He is still his spirited self, of course, but he is gentle and fun. He follows directions even when we aren't next to him. It is wonderful to see that not only do we trust him to be a good, safe, fun dog but so do our relatives and friends.

We just had a week full of relatives and kids running around our house and Kolya was a stellar citizen the whole time! So much fun. And makes our lives a lot easier.

We are so grateful for all the one-on-one help you each provided for our high spirited, stubborn, but very smart little guy. With your help and training (training for us and him!), he has grown to be an awesome addition to our family. (My mother in law even brags to her friends about how good he is!)

Thought you all should know. Thanks :)

- Sarah & Mike Long and Kolya, Everett, WA

Hi Becky.

Just wanted to tell you that, yesterday, Bella and I passed our renewal test for Pet Partners!

I just want to again express my gratitude to you for all the training I received over the years. You provided us with all the skills necessary to be a successful therapy team.

Now that I have updated our certification I will work on getting certified with RWR. I will schedule my dogless shadows soon. Then do my floor time with kids.

Bella did superb on her aptitude part of the test! The examiner, loved the "hug" part of it. A very big change from her testing last time 2 yeasrs ago when you tested us. Not sure if you remember, but she was challenged with the aptitude exercises during her initial testing. I think her maturity helped with her ability to be more relaxed, despite testing in a new environment.

The two of us, although not perfect, showed our ability to recover and be successful.

I really can't thank you enough!

Look forward to the future with RWR in addition to our nursing home visits.

- Suzanne Mason and Bella, , WA


Sadly, Dewey broke his leg today - front leg at elbow joint while playing in a neighbor's yard. He is in the ER overnight on pain meds. Hopefully will be splinted by tomorrow so I can bring him home on oral pain meds. Most likely surgery on Monday to pin and plate the joint.

Just wanted to let you know how our massage/restraint practice came in handy. Dewey totally trusted me and let me scoop him up and place him on my lap so that I could immobilize him until I figured out what was wrong. He stayed very still and just looked at me. Once he was calm and breathing better, I gently moved him from between my legs onto the floor on his side while I called my vet and the ER to figure out where to take him. He totally trusted me and let me hold him. I think our bonding with the practice helped!

I am hoping we can continue in the class after next week. Will keep you posted. But was also wondering if you will let us know when sign up time is for our next level class. I don't want to miss out on signing up and know your classes fill up quickly. Would love to continue with you through several more classes.

- Teresa Woodward and Dewey, Lake Forest Park, WA

I have really enjoyed your class and coming to your beautiful facility at Crystal Creek Farm. I appreciate the clarity in how you teach and your amazing understanding of dogs. I know Birch will be a great dog because of what I have learned through you both. Thank you very much and wish you a very happy holiday with your family!

- Tuesday Sands and Birch, Edmonds, WA
This place and the staff are simply the best! My dog is always so well-taken care of, which is a blessing when one has to be away. Thank you all!

- Sue Hill and Barney, Bothell, WA
I HIGHLY recommend this seminar!! Even if you never think you will trim your dog's nails, the information is PRICELESS. The best thing I got out of this seminar was confidence. I never thought I would be trimming my dogs' nails, but I have doing so since I attended the seminar last year. Excellent, Excellent class!!

- Wendy Anderson and Farley, Seattle, WA
I took this class [Happy Paws - Nail Trimming Seminar] last October and found it to be the most informative and worthwhile dog care class I've ever taken! I have earned back my tuition fee already since I no longer have to pay someone to trim my pup's nails for me, added plus: I do a better job!

Thanks for such an informative class. I'm more confident and feel it bonds me to my pup even more. :-)

- Vicki Heck and Sunny, Bellevue, WA

Hi Becky,

Just wanted to send you an update as Linus recently had his second birthday and the time we spent at Puppy Manners is paying off on spades every day. He is finally embracing the concept of being "just the family dog" and is great at it. We still get in lots of play time with other dogs, but he will stop in his tracks and come whenever called, hang out in his crate voluntarily when he feels the need, and although he's still an attention hog in public he doesn't jump up on people and waits to be invited before approaching.

He's also learned to ignore the cats, even when baited (see below.)

Just want to thank everyone at Puppy Manners again for helping me raise the spirited but well behaved boy I have now. :-)

Let me know if/when there are "best of" polls I can vote in.


- Jil Larsen and Linus, Kenmore, WA


I just wanted to say thank you for being so courteous, helpful, prompt to respond, and responsive. You have no idea how much peace of mind I enjoy dropping Scout off with the Puppy Manners team for the day. Please let all the individuals who are with her during the day (I don't know all their names) know how much Dave and I appreciate them. You guys rock.

- Lisa Rudduck and Scout, Redmond, WA

Thanks for having Ajax groomed! He's always so well cared for when I pick him up and he's always happy to go there when we leave. Thank you so much for the peace of mind you provide us when we're away; we know he's safe and happy at Puppy Manners!

- Sandi McEwen and Ajax, , WA
Hi Becky,

I wanted you to know that I am thankful for you, your continued support and the amazing business you have built to help people like me have well behaved, awesome dogs. I have been impressed with everyone on your staff that I have met: Karen, Nate, George, and Heather. Dave too of course, however, not sure he is considered your staff. ;-)

I have only felt pure encouragement and support from you and everyone at Puppy Manners. I am thankful. So is Dan, and I know Elmer will be one day too. I think he only sees you now as the people that are prohibiting him from being the boss.

Have a great day. TGIF!

- Jane Stanley and Elmer, Kirkland, WA

I am in your Friday, late morning class. I just wanted to let you know that I have truly enjoyed your class. Over the 30 years I have owned dogs, and have taken my share of training classes, I found yours to be most enjoyable & informative. Within the first 5 minutes, learning to just step on the leash... priceless! Thank you again from Zoey & I.

- Geri McKessy and Zoey, Everett, WA
In the past when I would take Cali for walks I avoided the heart of Edmonds and if there was a dog approaching, I would cross the street because, you know, it seemed easier. Well, today I made a point of passing dogs and went right into the heart of town. There were many people walking and even more people walking dogs. I passed the people and mostly had Cali "wait" while the dogs passed. Some dogs were quiet, some were yippy. Cali did great!! Thank you for sharing your skills. Only two classes and already I feel liberated! :)

- Jean Causbie and Cali, Edmonds, WA
Becky and Nate,

It was a successful trip to the Malt and Vine. We had walked the dogs before and then went in for a stout one. The dogs did an excellent sit, drop, and stay and did not break. We had dropped the leashes just next to the dogs and the bar owner came over and said the rules are that we had to have the leashes in our hands or tied to a chair. We held the leashes but certainly did not need to do that. It was so much fun!

- Kay Cogan and Dixie, Redmond, WA
Becky and Nate,

You will be perhaps surprised but glad to hear that Jay and John are really following through with the training. She came home on Tuesday and every day since they have taken her on long walks with the gentle leader and she was fabulous. Yesterday they even went to Home Depot and made her lie down and stay while they went to the register. Dixie did a good job and did not even break when someone petted her. Amazing. This weekend we have big plans to go to Carnation and romp in the fields. We will work on getting you a map to the place. Thanks for all you do.

- Kay Cogan and Dixie, Redmond, WA


We want to thank you so much for working with Dixie and all the time spent yesterday. You and your team do an amazing job. Dixie is truly new and improved. The amount of time yesterday really made us start to feel comfortable with the training going forward. We are really excited about this whole process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you!

- John, Jay & Kay Cogan and Dixie, Redmond, WA

Dave and Becky,

When we first started taking classes with our older golden Molly, I was really discouraged because physicality and coordination, assertiveness, and being a confident leader are all things that have been real growth areas for me as a person, and I started realizing those were the qualities that I would need to raise healthy dogs. What I discovered was I love Molly and Scout a lot (I do not have human kids and these are my first dogs), and so I was really motivated to push through all the awkwardness and self-consciousness that I felt struggling to practice what I was learning. Just recently, I have started to feel more confident and I am using my body so much more with them.

All this is to say thank you for all the information and strategies, but mostly thank you for your modeling and being so approachable. I am an experiential learner so watching you guys and then getting feedback when you are watching me has been so helpful.

I am a therapist and I specialize in treating trauma and addictions, but I am also an instructor for graduate level therapists at several universities in Seattle. Many of my students want to have or use therapy dogs. I will always refer them to Puppy Manners!

- Lisa Rudduck and Scout, Redmond, WA

Pluto has improved dramatically. He's still nervous/neurotic in general, but he no longer goes psycho toward people at the door. He responds very well to us just picking up the squirt bottle, we rarely have to actually squirt him. We had a lot of trick or treaters on Halloween and he only barked the first time the bell rang, and even then he barked from the other room rather than running to the door. The rest of the night he just stayed on his side of the house ignoring the kids and doorbell.

The 1.5 hours you spent teaching us how to respond to Pluto have seriously been life changing. I no longer stress about people coming over to visit the baby! Thank you!!!

- John & Marie Brenner and Pluto, Redmond, WA

Hi Becky,

Maggie and I would like to thank you and your team for working with Winston. We have enjoyed him even more since he has returned home and feel we have the training to help him (and us) be successful. He is calmer, he listens more (except for when there are distractions), and he seems really happy! We are working really hard at reinforcing the training we learned from Nate. We still struggle, and I know it will be a long road. As Nate says, "training is a lifestyle, not a to-do list".

I also want to communicate how much Maggie and I enjoyed working with Nate. We feel so fortunate to learn from him. He has an uncanny ability to work with and relate to Winston (and I'm sure other dogs). As dog owners, he was patient with us, answered all of our questions, and truly feel he wants Winston and his parents to be successful. I told him 'thank you', but can't say enough about how positive of an experience we have had with Nate. He is outstanding at what he does!!

- Vincent & Maggie Driano and Winston, Seattle, WA

I just wanted to tell you one more time how much I appreciate your coming out here. I know that all the problems have not been solved but I really appreciated your teaching style and input... AND look forward to going on some serious walks! haha...

All signed up for yours and Heather's 11:15-12:15 Star-Barks class... Also, leash issues have thus far seriously disappeared since yesterday!!! We have gone for so many walks! Nothing!! Truly amazing.

- Jeni Ellison and Eddie, Mercer Island, WA

Success! My first ever nail trimming session with Zeus was excellent! He didn't make a peep; he was such a good boy. I wanted to thank you so much for giving me all the tools to do this! You rock!

- Kathy Warner and Zeus, Redmond, WA
I would strongly recommend out in Woodinville. Although it's a bit of a commute from where you are coming from and that's exactly what we thought too but the drive was well worth it!

Becky at Puppy Manners does an amazing job and the best part is she knows labradoodles really well. In our classes we had around 1/3 of the puppies that were labradoodles which made it really fun and valuable to our puppy Sophie's training.

The drive out to Woodinville is really nice and the property where Becky has her classes is amazing because there is a lot of land which is really fun for the play time the puppies get after each class.

We highly recommend!

- David Moore and Sophie, Kenmore, WA

I absolutely love going to your class each week, but I have to say that last night was so exciting for Sam and I! Until I saw how well he did, around dogs learning what he learned 10 weeks ago, I had no idea how far he had come. I am so very pleased with his progress (with OUR progress!) and thrilled that I chose you and Dave as our teachers! Thank you so much for everything you've given us so far! There is far more peace, respect and general harmony now in my home, and between myself and my beloved Sammy. Maybe someday we'll be ready for Reading With Rover – now wouldn't that be something!

- Erin Green and Sammy, Seattle, WA
Hi Dave & Becky,

Just a quick note to say we appreciate all that you and your crew at the ranch do for us, and so many others. RWR is such a fantastic program and it gives kids such a great boost in advancing their reading skills. I know you have touched so many lives, some you know about and some that you may not.

Anytime I am walking Stella with her vest on, sometimes people notice the Puppy Manners logo on it and ask me what it is. So I'm always glad to tell them about RWR and training at the ranch. Stella is by far the best dog we have ever had for riding in the car or just going with us to the store. She hops right in her crate, and usually goes right to sleep, I can't look at Stella and not think about the Bishops. Because of your love, passion and training she is a pretty darn good dog, and we know just a fraction about what we need to do, to help her mind. :). You have helped us more than you will ever know.

- Jay Cozby and Stella, Lake Stevens, WA

Hello Becky, Dave, Heather and Nate,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity of the Seattle's Best Advanced class. I am really looking forward to learning more and having the best possible relationship with Lucy I can have. I have truly enjoyed all the classes we have taken this year. This is our first dog and I really think the classes and practicing all that we have learned, helped to create a very strong bond between Lucy and I. One that I treasure. I look forward to additional classes to make the bond even stronger. This would be a great opportunity to request even more advanced classes, perhaps the size of the class will go down and the fee up, but it is worth it.

- Doug Scheer and Lucy, Kenmore, WA

Becky Bishop's enthusiasm for her work, knowledge of her field and commitment to her clients - both two and four-legged - comes through in everything she does. Seattle is lucky to have her!

- Sarah Wilson and nationally recognized author of Good Owners, Great Dogs, Paws to Consider, Metro Dog, and My Smart Puppy, Gardiner, NY
I have to tell you that the vet I took her [Stella] to yesterday in Lake Stevens was thoroughly impressed with her training and how well she minded. We walked in the door and there were a couple long entry floor mats in front of where clients could sit. I told Stella "rug" and she laid right down on the mat and was watching the people behind the desk. One asked me, what did you say to her, to make her lay down? I told her all I said was rug. She was amazed that Stella did what she did. Three other people in the office commented "what a well behaved dog you have". I was so proud of Stella, but she did whine a few times and everyone just cracked up. She made me look like a pro.... ha ha. Every time Stella behaves well in front of strangers or anyone, I just look up and say a TG for Puppy Manners and the Bishop's. So Thank You and all of your staff, they are the BEST!

- Jay Cozby and Stella, Lake Stevens, WA

I have had a wonderful experience with Puppy Manners. I have a very reactive Border Collie mix about 1 yo. He was terrible on a leash and loved to bark at passersby.

Becky and Nate were outstanding teachers and tailored a program for me and Indie so we could both learn and have the tools necessary to be successful. Because of the progress I saw Indie make I kept him there for longer than 4 weeks even though it was difficult for me to be away from him.

I plan to use their boarding every time I need to go away. I will also use them as advisors as our training moves to the two of us, without the immediate assistance of Nate and Becky.

I have no reservations recommending them wholeheartedly. Becky has a great grasp of what is going on with the dogs and Nate went over and above to make sure I would have the tools needed to keep training Indie myself. Indie loves Nate and seems to be quite happy to be there which is reassuring.

They are very professional. I have already recommended them to friends.

Their establishment-all the trainers-really cared about Indie and wanted us to be successful. This was a great choice I made to have Indie trained there.

- Alex Farivar and Indie, Seattle, WA

Thanks so much for your advise and help with Ben. We certainly appreciate it and will follow through with the methods that you showed to us. We depend on you and your staff for help in Ben's training and manners and you are always there for us. Ben is a much loved member of our family and with your support he is also a "well bred" family member! He always likes to go to your ranch for "play days".

- Dick Jensen and Ben, Seattle, WA
Hi Becky, Nate, and Karen,

I hope you had a good July 4th and the summer is going well. Luna and I are in Jackson, Wyoming until early August spending time outdoors.

We (Luna and I) had an exciting breakthrough this morning that I had to share with all of you. The town has a busy Saturday morning market in the main square with local vendors selling food and live music. Lots of people strolling crowded sidewalks and dogs around and cars nearby too. I decided to take Luna to the market today as I am working to socialize her in people settings and she was AMAZING! She walked along the sidewalk next to the cars and sat at the corners on command. She was calm and sat (without prompting) whenever someone wanted to pet her. (I think she kept hoping for treats.) There was no leash pulling or nervousness on her or my part. She even waited quietly while I purchased food items from vendors. All the work of the past 11 months came together in that moment! Thanks to all of you!

- Michele Gammer and Luna, Mercer Island, WA

Becky, Nate & Co,

Ted and I just returned from a long romp at the Luther Burbank dog park, his current favorite spot. He doesn't follow the labs into the lake yet, but I'm waiting. He is now sleeping on his rug and has been doing well at staying there when my students come for their college planning appointments. Our greatest challenge is reminding Ted, and the humans, to stay calm when they greet each other. Many people seem to feel small dogs don't need to follow rules! I can't thank you enough for giving us both such great training, we are definitely ready for more and will be looking for classes that work with my current crazy schedule.

Thank you so much for what you do,

- Pauline Godfrey and Ted, Mercer Island, WA

Dave and Becky,

This is a very belated thank you! But wanted to thank you for squeezing us into your Puppy Kindergarten class – it was a lifesaver! We drove from Puyallup (1 hour) every class. It was so worth it! We get a lot of compliments on Lucy's behavior and the things we learned in your class have been invaluable. We have friends with a mini Aussie the same age and they have not learned the same techniques in their classes. Of course, we are puffy with pride. We have raved about you to friends (who thought we were crazy to drive so far). Thank you a million times over. If we lived closer, we would take every single class you offer!

- Mark and Jenny Wohrle and Lucy, Puyallup, WA

Hi, Becky.

Fisher and I just got home from some off leash play, then vested work at Barnes and Noble. I had a couple of books to get and grabbed a coffee to work on the Down and Hold. I cannot believe how well-mannered he is, it really is fun! I found myself answering today in the "we" form when people asked how I was. It made me laugh. I also told a little girl that she could not pet Fisher because he was in training. I told her it was the hardest thing I had to say, but if we see them again, I’d love for her to say hello. We are super blessed to have found Puppy Manners and I am so glad that we have your guidance. It's made the world of difference in us and him.

- Sarah Hudkins and Fisher, Kirkland, WA

Hey Nate!

It was so nice outside today that I took Harrison to Bothell Landing for a long and more importantly enjoyable walk! He fought the Halti at first, but finally gave in and we had a truely nice walk. Afterwards we walked to The Ranch for an ice cream cone.

At the window, I got him into his downstay and ordered our cones. He stayed right there, even though there were people in line behind us. I released him, got the cones and we walked over to an empty table. Then (drum roll please) this couple came up to us and the fella said, "WOW! His loose leash manners are just fabulous!"

Nate, I wanted to hug them and all you guys at Puppy Manners! I was so thrilled and proud of Harrison for being a good canine representative and Bully ambassador. It really is starting to become a way of life and the fact that people noticed our hard work--I just had to share this with you!

- Ashley Stroud and Harrison, Bothell, WA

Nate & Becky,

Dixie is doing so well, I am beyond happy. We took her to a softball game last night and she did great. She did get a little bored sitting with me (especially watching the kids on their scooters) so I took her for a walk and she was happy. We have also taken her out to eat with us and it was an amazing experience. I now have the dog I have always wanted. She is doing well at work with me too. We play fetch and go for a walk three times during the day and while I'm working she is on her rug napping or chewing on a bone/rawhide. When it is time for lunch she sits next to me in a "down" and when we finish it is play time. One thing about my Dixie that will never change, the girl loves food. Turned my back this morning and she got a stick a butter off the counter top. Ughhh! You are fantastic at what you do and I am so thankful for what you have given us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Brie Garland and Dixie, Enumclaw, WA

Dear Eve,

Thanks so much for all your help these past three weeks with our little girl, Ginger. She is a toughie so I need all the tips I can get. I head out of town this week so my poor husband is handling her on his own. I left him with your card so you may get a call.

I had a great time in your class and can't wait to use your talents again. I'll be in touch once I get back in town. I hate to miss even a week of little Ginger for she is growing fast. Thanks again Eve for starting us out on the right foot. All the best.

- Heather Maehlum and Ginger, Kirkland, WA

You won't believe how Lily's visit went today.

First, remember the old Lily? Scrambling to get out of the car, dragging you down the street, barking at other dogs....she would burst in to the office and demand to be the center of attention...mine and anyone else who made their presence known, jumping on people, etc.......

Well, the Lily that came to the office today is a brand new dog. She walked calmly in to the Lobby, waited to be checked in, rode the elevator without being startled and stayed on her rug in my cube with very little correction. She only barked quietly when she was left alone which Becky quickly showed her was not acceptable.

It was amazing and I have great hope now that she can really, truly be a happy and well-adjusted work dog.

It was VERY clear from the visit that I am the one that needs the training now as I was awkward with the commands and corrections and what to do with this "new Lily." Glad we have a lesson on Saturday.

- Veronica and Lily, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Gus!!! I couldn't believe it was the same dog when I saw all he did when I came to pick him up yesterday. He's not quite as obedient for just me but I knew he'd be testing. He did great walking through a hardware store with me today and I'm no longer afraid to take him around people for fear he'd jump on them. I'm having the hardest time not petting and loving him like I used to but I guess I'll get used to the new rules, too.

I know I'll be back for tuneup classes and definitely boarding if I ever need it.

Thanks again,

- Ros Roberts and Gus, Quilcene, WA

Hi Becky - We missed you last Wednesday (but Nate held a great class)! Can I brag on my dog for a moment?? We took her [Tootsie] to Ooba's for dinner on Saturday with the family and she was picture perfect! Stayed in her down while people walked by, greeted very small people (toddlers) politely, made my kids look bad... That "lego" [Starmark] collar is awesome! Proud of my dog!!

- Susan Nowers and Tootsie, Redmond, WA
Thanks very much for allowing Valerie and me to visit your Puppaccino class this morning—it was great. We've sat in on a few other classes and it is easy to see the difference in your approach (have the puppies socialize at the start and get their energy levels down to minimize distractions; use older dogs for role models; provide a lot of individualized help 'around the edges' of the class). We're looking forward to signing up for the next Saturday Puppaccino class—hopefully in the near future.

- Bob Margulis and no dog yet, Seattle, WA

Hi Becky and Dave,

Just wanted to thank you for the enjoyable afternoon. It was a great opportunity to have Sophie socialize with other dogs in a controlled setting (unlike the dog park where she got squashed by a Mastiff). You put on quite a spread of food, a real treat. Dave, the chile was fabulous!

A perfect ending to the day was meeting at Starbucks and then going to Eastside dog. Sophie crashed tonight, which isn't easy to get her to do.

Thanks again,

- Debbie Vitulli and Sophie, Woodinville, WA

Heather and Nate have been great trainers! Their no-nonsense yet relaxed teaching style make learning an enjoyable experience. We enjoy working with them and hope they teach more classes in the future.

- Anh-Viet Dang and Kona, Bothell, WA
Hi Becky ... thank you so much for this afternoon's Chili-Dog-Bark-B-Q and Mind Your Mocha Manners at Starbucks this evening. Dougal, Dianna and I enjoyed ourselves immensely, especially the chili ... a masterpiece of culinary magic!! Best wishes to you, yours, and all your furry friends.

- Pete & Dianna Garland and Dougal, Woodinville, WA

Good morning Becky,

This is Judi Clark I was in your class last eve.(6:30-7:30) with the golden puppy and we purchased the StarMark collar. WOW I just got back from our morning walk/run and it was actually enjoyable. The collar made it so much easier. My daughter Nicolette and I are learning so much and really enjoying the class. Kenzie loves the first part, (free play) as they all do. And yes she is a party planner. She is our 3rd golden and wow I am learning so much in your class. Thank you to both you and Dave. Thank you for teaching and helping us to truely enjoy our friend.

- Judi Clark and McKenzie, Woodinville, WA

Hi Becky and Nathan! Just wanted to give you an 'at home' update, Lulu has been AWESOME. We've been working more with her each day but the commands are holding and she's so much more enjoyable now that we can control her! In fact, we're getting new carpet and when the person came to measure our house Lulu sat nicely and stared at him, he asked if she was a puppy, how old, etc and he said he'd never seen such a well behaved puppy before! We're so pleased with all you did with her, thank you!

- Sue Bethke and Lulu, Seattle, WA
We just had to tell about how wonderful Dyson was on Saturday. Meg had her first soccer game at Duvall Park. We had a friend take her to the game so that we could arrive once the girls were already on the field. Dyson walked perfectly by my side while I escorted Jake (son with CP) down to the field. We joined the long line of parents on the sideline with Dyson in a perfect down next to our chairs. Even with girls running up and down the field, he only broke his down without permission TWICE in the entire hour-long game. A quick ah-ah, and he went right back down. One time I had to help Brian with the baby and put Dyson on stay. He stayed perfectly while I helped Brian. Our friend, Coni, commented on how beautifully behaved he was. At times, I walked him behind the parents on the sideline so that he could stretch his legs and exercise a bit. Again, great behavior, pulled ONCE on leash when we walked past dog doo. We're so proud of our boy and grateful for your and Nate's hard work.

- Deborah Walker and Dyson, Seattle, WA

Well, we've had Roxy back for a few days now, and she's really a new dog (but still with all of her original dog personality!)

We've had her out for coffee, where she lay quietly by my feet. Her stubby little tail wagged like crazy when people or dogs walked by, but she didn't budge. I can't tell you what a difference that made for me, just to be able to sit peacefully without worrying she was going to drag me away, and spill my coffee in the process! She's being excellent on her leash, as well. We've had her in a few pretty stimulating environments, and she's passed with flying colours.

At home, she's testing her boundaries a bit – which we expected. As SOON as we got home, she promptly jumped up on the couch and tried to settle into her favourite corner. A quick correction, and she was down and on her bed. She tries to sneak up every now and then, and if she makes it, she curls up really small as if to try to make herself less conspicuous! It's really quite funny. But, the main thing is, she listens, and gets back down immediately. Same thing with the bed, she got up there at some point in the night the first night, and Tim and I awoke to her stretched out quite happily across the foot of the bed. Again, a quick correction, and she's back down on her bed.

Anyway, we're thrilled, and I think she's doing great. She's staying on her rug when I come home from work – again, wiggling like a little nut case… but she stays, and then when she's calm, we let her greet me – which is a MUCH calmer greeting than I'm used to!

Thank you all SO much for what you've done with her, and thanks for loving her to death while she was with you all. We'll definitely bring her by for a visit, and next time we're leaving town without her, I'll see if you have room for boarding.

- Tracy Stuby and Roxy, Vancouver, BC Cananda

You tell us to do this for our dogs, but you deserve it too :o) Again, I've just come from my class, and I feel like I'm floating on air! Dave stayed today, and I really appreciated his input and feedback...I'll forever hear him telling me to put my shoulders back!

The best part for me today was that Abby stayed and played. I was REALLY nervous, but Heather invited her, and Dave was watching, and totally reassured me that she would be fine. The intensity level among the dogs was pretty high, but Dave and Heather set my mind at ease as to Abby's behavior, and identified it as intense, but appropriate...WOW, HOORAY!!!

What Dave said is that she basically has no social skills with other dogs and needs some. He mentioned that you have a supervised play/doggie day care available. How do I find out more about time, cost etc?

Thank you so much for all you and your loving staff/family are doing for Abby and I. I have never felt like I've gotten so much bang for my buck!

- Julie Rein and Abby, , WA
I just had to report in about my first day in a group class with Nate and Heather. All I can say is \"wow.\" I was already excited about the work you and I did, and honestly a tiny bit nervous about developing a working relationship with new trainers. Boy was that wasted worry time! Nate and Heather were awesome, attentive, and right there when I needed help in a constructive, practical and gentle way. I am literally glowing over my experience at Puppy Manners. You know I'll be spreading this news!

- Julie Rein and Abby, Redmond, WA
Hi. We wanted to thank you for the awesome job you and your staff did with Cody in your Board and Train program. Susan is now taking him for walks and he's doing a great job of heeling, which seems incredible to us. He sits, does down, stays... he's like a different dog! And the kids are having even more fun with him – and the little plastic wading pool we got. Thanks again!

- Stella Batzel & Susan Flick and Cody, Seattle, WA

Muirfinn is doing well... noticeable difference with Duncan. She's backed off a bit which has made him a bit more assertive. Good balance there.

Took them both out yesterday for a long walk - using the gentle leader on both. She was notably different on her walk as well... excited but we got through it without her escalating on the 'nuts' scale. It was really great.

'Puppy Manners' made an impact - I can envision what another 2 weeks would accomplish for her as we're all a much happier pack based on where she is today. What a difference.

I know you weren't inclined initially to take her... I can't thank you and Nate, and everyone else that touched her life in the past two weeks, enough.

- Jackie Mesiti and Muirfinn, Seattle, WA

I also just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class last week. I really felt like we were in over our heads with the whole puppy thing but your advise and bits of wisdom has made a world of difference.

- Michelle Hoogerwerf and Cooper, Woodinville, WA

Just wanted you to know that we are now registered with the Delta Society as a therapy team. Ben has his official vest and a bandana and we are awaiting our Delta Society badges. We'll soon be all ready to go!

We want you to know how much we appreciate all the training and help that you and your associates have given to us and Ben to reach this goal. If ever you would like to use us as a reference or in any of your literature please feel free to do so. We don't think that we could have received better training anywhere than we have had with you.

Thanks again, and we'll still be seeing you for Ben's "playdays" and perhaps any further training that you may offer.

- Dick & Marilyn Jenson and Bentley, Woodinville, WA

Just want to say a huge thank you to you and Dave for the wonderful classes and events at your home, Emily and I have had a great time being retrained about dogs, Marley has benefited greatly!! it is abundantly clear that this is a calling for you and Dave, not a job, your insight and the benefit of years of experience really make it a privilege to take the classes from you, we will pass your names on to all our friends with the highest of recommendations!

- Julie Schalka and Marley, Seattle, WA
Dave and Becky may be part dog. OK, that is a little extreme, but they truly understand animal behavior and they work with you to help you understand it as well. The best thing is, they aren't focused on making your dog perfect or prize-winning. They are focused on helping you have a family dog. So even when people who aren't dog people come over or see you out and about, they appreciate how well-behaved your dog is. And when dog lovers meet your pup, they see that the dog's personality hasn't been snuffed out by training. The fact that our friends feel absolutely confident with their 2 year olds around our 1 1/2 year old dog is due to us enrolling in training with Becky & Dave as soon as we got our puppy. I was not a dog person before and I can't even imagine what life with my active and inquisitive dog would have been like without Becky & Dave's help.

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA
Becky & Dave are amazing trainers. They manage to train both you and your dog! When my dog spent 10 days in Puppy Jump Start Program, they set aside more than an hour to train me so that I could carry on all the training my dog received in a consistent manner. I recommend them completely for anyone who wants a well behaved pet! They offered great advice on interpreting the body language of the dogs which was very helpful. Before each class they also had a supervised puppy socialization so the puppies could meet and greet each other in a safe environment.

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA
Becky and Dave are the best. They really know how to get the best from you, so you can be the best for your dog. They also run a valuable program for children and literacy - Reading with Rover. My school has seen wonderful results from the teams working with our struggling readers and special needs children.

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA
Dave and Becky really love the work they do and are fun to work with. They are patient with both the owner and dog, which is really helpful when you are both learning. I really appreciate them, because they realize how important pets can be in our lives whether they are pets, therapy dogs or service dogs. They know and love the value of animals and I respect them greatly.

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA
Puppy Manners has trained two dogs for us, Splash & Santorini. Becky did a fantastic job. We would not have a dog in our home that was not trained by Puppy Manners.

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA
Dave and Becky are truly the perfect team! Dave has a way of demonstrating the humility and leadership needed to understand canine behavior while Becky explains the process. Each one is necessary in explaining how to understand your dog's behavior. You (and I) as "trainers in training" need the support to have the best well trained dogs. These two are well qualified to help us understand our canine's needs.

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA
Spend time with them (Dave and Becky) and get to know how to help yourself be a better dog owner. It's not the dog's fault Fido is jumping on you. :)

- Voter Quote and's Best of Washington, 2008, Seattle, WA

Becky, Dave & Nate,

Thank you so much for your wonderful classes.

I want to thank you very much for all your hard work and great training tips. Tyee and I will be working very hard to practice them all.

- Lise Andersen and Tyee, Snohomish, WA

Both Bella and I love your class. We practice what you preach at home and it is making such a big difference. All my neighbors and friends are impressed with her behavior and training so far. I realize we are just beginning, but I think we are off to a great start. I never realized how much I would enjoy training a puppy.

I would love an opportunity to share Bella with the community, she has endless love to share.

And if your property is looking pretty bare, it is because Bella wore half your sand home with her! She was absolutely covered, but extremely happy!

- Laura Kalvoy and Bella, Edmonds, WA

Good Morning Becky and Dave,

Thank you so much for a wonderful puppy class on Saturday morning. Both my husband Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the hour with both of you. Needless to say, you guys are amazing. In just that hour you provided us with so much information and some wonderful tools to take home and begin using with our puppy. We have been working all weekend on the passive restraint hold and with much success. We have been talking all weekend abut the things we learned. It was so neat watching you interact with dogs whom you had never before met and yet you were so effective with them. We are thrilled to be part of this program and we just know you are going to help us so we have a fun loving obedient dog as a member of our family!

We can not wait for class next weekend.

Again, Thank you so much. We are having a fabulous time!

- Brian & Erika Hardy and Dash, Kirkland, WA

Jim and I would like to thank you for all your hard work at making us better dog owners. I truly believe it's not so much about the dog as it is the owner so we are really grateful for all your knowledge and support.

- Roni & Jim Mayberry and Sophie, Woodinville, WA
Thank you so much for what you have done for us, it seems that we have a different dog...she is calm and obedient, we love it...I am so glad Daphne stayed with you, because when I came back, it was really easy to take care of her...I don't have to use the gates anymore all over my house, she is so good about staying on her rug, ringing the bell when she needs to go out...and being so nice that she gains her freedom (of course with supervision)...I love her so much...thank you, thank you so much. Of course, as I said to you I will still come back for more training, it is always nice to learn more on how to be a better owner for my little Daphne.

- Katia Gibbons-Polack and Daphne, Everett, WA
I just learned that Puppy Manners won the category for Best Dog Training in City Dog Magazine. It is an honor well deserved. Thanks for all of the work and love that you put in to your classes. I get more compliments about how well behaved my little Gracie is. We could not have done it without you. Kudos to you!

- Melonie Soper and Gracie, Bellevue, WA

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work with Sophie. Nate was fantastic and it's obvious that Sophie loves and respects him. We are working every day on trying to maintain what she has learned and add in new commands when appropriate. Last night we worked on "drop it" with the ball. After about 15 minutes she understood the game and was more than happy to give up the ball for a treat! She is so much mellower than before. I can actually leave the room without worrying that she's going to shred something. I think the cats sense it as well, they are not as leary of her as they used to be- probably because she's more calm.

Again, thanks so much. We will see you at class tonight.

Please tell Nate we think he's wonderful!

- Roni Mayberry and Sophie, Woodinville, WA
I went to the my vet (Dr. Cox) to check out the UTI possibility, when he found out I was enrolled in your class he told me you are without a doubt the BEST in the Northwest (thought you would want to know what people are saying behind your back).

- Laurie AbiEzzi and Chega, Sammamish, WA
"Odin" and I just finished your basic obedience class and I just wanted to thank-you again for a wonderful class. Hopefully someday we will be able to take another of your courses, until then, you can bet I will be recommending you to every dog owner I know.

- Alan Coward and Odin, Duvall, WA
I just wanted to send a note to express my undying gratitude for molding Calvin into the nice calm puppy he is now. From the moment I drove up to the ranch to drop him off I knew that I sent him to the best place I possibly could. Walking with him now is so incredibly easy and his calmness while in the house is...well..a little weird to get used to at first. He used to tear through the house and now he calmly grabs something of his to chew on and lays at my feet. I love it.

- Chris Powers and Calvin, Seattle, WA

Hi Dave,

About 1 1/2 years ago Turq (a blue great dane) and I took part in your wife's and your obedience classes. You most probably don't remember us, but I remember you and just wanted to let you know that not one week passes by without me thanking you silently for how you have helped me with Turq. Your special attention to us during two classes made all the difference. When Turq was about 1 year old, we stopped attending your classes. He is now a bit over 2 years old and turned into the greatest, easiest dog. He gets along with people as well as dogs and I couldn't be happier. A few months ago, we had to put our 11 year old Shepherd down and are thinking of getting another puppy this fall. I hope that you still participate in your wife's classes since I am sure, I will need your help again.

I wish you a wonderful summer.

- Antoinette Soffes and Turq, Bothell, WA

Million Thanks Are Not Enough....

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you and your staff have done in getting Jayda jumpstarted for her life ahead. We are still in awe at what a changed puppy she is – not that she was ever awful – she is a puppy. Jayda is so much calmer, attentive and definitely more confident. We walked to Tully's this morning and sat outside. Jayda just relaxed and laid down waiting for us to be done. Not once did I have to tell her ‘DON'T'. She had a couple people come and visit. There was no jumping, just very calm greeting. She's 20 weeks old! It was amazing and very enjoyable. Now our work continues at re-enforcing all the training, but you've made it so much easier. We look forward to enrolling her into Star-Barks.

When we finally get Newton (our boy Flat-coat), he's coming to pay a 10-day visit with you!

BTW … we've been telling everyone about Puppy Manners.

- Terry & Jean Moore and Jayda, Redmond, WA

Hi Dave,

You're a great PR man for Puppy Manners, that's for sure! The classes are terrific and your willingness to accommodate unusual circumstances is a positive contribution to your success. I'll see you on Saturday morning, July 14 and will put my check in the mail. The classes will be completed about the time I leave for [vacation], so the timing is perfect.

Thank you again and have a fun day.

- Peggy Christensen and Max, Bellevue, WA
Becky - Scott and I again learned so much about helping Riley to be a more well-behaved dog. Thank you and Dave so much. You are so patient with us adults!!!

- Diane Edwards and Riley, Bellevue, WA

Dear Becky and Dave,

I spent the week-end at my parent's in Sequim. Gunther came with us and he was an absolute delight thanks to the training we both have been receiving. My mother's house is full of antiques, oriental rugs and 2 cats! Because I have been tethering Gunther at home and crate training him he was the perfect house guest. My dad thinks I am a genius with dogs but you guys are my secret weapon! I LOVE what I am learning at Puppy Manners!!

See you on Wednesday.

- Noreen Shirdavani and Gunther, Redmond, WA
Hi Becky, you and Dave are the greatest! We really enjoyed your classes and I'm sure I learned a lot more than Bear. I am ready for her to go on to your next level - the classes on Fridays starting May 4....if you think she will be ok there. Please let me know if there's an opening and if so, where to send check & how much. Thanks again for making your classes so informative and enjoyable.

- Tara Wooten and Bear, Kirkland, WA
Tabitha and I really enjoyed the first class of puppy training last week. We felt like we learned more in that hour than we learned in an entire course somewhere else years ago with a different dog. So thank you!

- Shelley Elenbaas and Bentley, Woodinville, WA
I tell everyone about your classes. I swear by them. The dogs are never bothered by other breeds when they go to the shows because of them. I have a small brag. Four of my dogs are in the top 20... three have been in your classes... Studdly, Silver and Pollymia.

- Sandy Frei and Studdly, Silver, Pollymia et. al., Woodinville, WA
Thank you so much for all your fabulous patience and advice. We enjoyed the play day on Sunday. Puppy Manners Ranch is a paradise. You should be proud!

- Barbara Soley Watson and Harley Tucker, Lynnwood, WA

I wanted to let you know that we will not be bringing Mai Tai back for additional training. We have thought long and hard over this. You did such a great job training her in the time you had her. We are so impressed. She was a delight with our whole family over the holidays. No submissive pee anymore. Great stuff.

We worked on the many obedience issues with great success. She prances down Main Street Walla Walla like a princess.

- Megan and Mai Tai, Walla Walla, WA
He [Gus] is doing great! You and Dave are amazing! It is so much fun to learn from you. We really appreciate all that you have taught us. You have so much respect for one another. It is so wonderful to watch you two work together.

- Annie Wilson and Gus, Seattle, WA
I just wanted to thank you for all of your great tips. Lucy and I just finished your Java Jumpstart class, and it was great. We learned a lot, and I think Lucy is a better dog because if it... but more importantly I'm a better Mommy. I look forward to your Star-Barks class, hopefully we can get in on the waiting list.

- Andrea Watkins and Lucy, Redmond, WA
Hi, Heather. Gracie and I just wanted to say "Thank You" for such a wonderful class last night! We had a great time. The things we learned last night alone were more than worth the class tuition. You are a great teacher!

- Melonie Soper and Gracie, Bellevue, WA

Two of our Westies got out on Sunday and headed for the far corners of our 4+ acres. Please tell Dave that while Sonja went into a meltdown, I yelled in my highest pitch, "girls, c'mon girls," repetitively while clapping my hands and running away from them. Damn if they didn't follow me right up onto the deck, where the other two and Rico were goin' nuts. Sonja is a believer, and we both thank you both for re-training my 50 years and Sonja's 25 of dog training. The Westies woulda' been better suited to your class than Mr. Mellow; yes, Senor Rico Fandango del Labra-Poodle-o.

I was looking forward to getting to know you guys a bit more as Sonja and I are just one year here, from the Sonoma wine country and Marin. I read with interest your collective bio's on your site and appreciate your approach and your living.

- Rob & Sonja Gabrenya and Rico, et al, Gig Harbor, WA
Just thought I would let you know how Chester is doing. He is doing everything as he should be and no complaints. So I just wanted to say thanks again to you and your team who have been training him. He is like a new puppy. A friend came over and she thinks you gave me back a different dog. The pictures of Chester out and about were nice to see. Thanks again.

- Julia Eastwood and Chester, Redmond, WA
You did a GREAT thing today, Becky! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and seemingly endless generosity. It is clear to me that you genuinely and deeply care about kids and our wonderful canine friends, and you know the magic that is created when you bring those two forces of nature together. You directly enhanced Luis' life today, but you also enhanced the lives of everyone who was there to witness this wonderful moment between you and Luis. Thank you from us all!

- Brian Daly and Silas, Lynnwood, WA
Hi Becky: we puppy sat for Lokkje Anderson (mom and dad are Brian and Camie) while they spent a week on an Alaska Cruise. We just wanted to commend you for the excellent training that Lokkje received in your classes. We cannot tell you how impressed we were with her excellent manners!! She was truly a joy to have for the past week!! Unfortunately, we had to give her back! We will recommend your services to other families in your area who adopt puppies from us!!

- Mary and Steven Stirrett and BrookHill Ranch & Kennels, Seattle/Tacoma, WA
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our "new" Knightly. I took him on a walk yesterday and he not only walked well with me but also did not try to eat any rocks. We are grateful to you for all of your hard work with him.

- Susan Diamond and Knightly, Redmond, WA
Cali has been doing great since Puppaccino... bell trained in the house, does a ton of tricks (salutes, waves, rolls over, jumps through hoops, touchdown, hide, closes cabinet doors, high fives, says prayers, etc), walks w/ harness. We always refer our friends to you, since we probably would have gone crazy without the classes!

- Brian Yee and Cali, Redmond, WA

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note to tell you how very impressed I am with you and Becky and the way you run your classes. I appreciate the clear, no-nonsense way that you two teach, and the great online notes and support. I'm working on passive restraint with Brody, and just starting with "Wait." (Looks like that one might take awhile!) We're giving it the old college try and really looking forward to learning more!

Many thanks.

- Patricia Rognlin and Brody, Seattle, WA
Sherlock is the best Becky. I'm so glad we spent the time, effort and money to participate in your classes. I've seen so many other beagles...and so has Sherlock...that lack manners. Sherlock looks at me as if to say, "Mom, they need Becky's rude!!!""

- Marlen Jacobs and Sherlock, Kirkland, WA
I looked at the training tips web pages. I really have to commend you on how thorough you are in the information you give. I love dealing with professionals who believe in excellence. I look forward all of the training sessions with you.

- Kat Morrell and Marcus, Kirkland, WA

Bear is a completely changed dog, thanks to you. The transformation is truly astonishing. You don't realize how much you've really helped us here. Before we contacted you, I was actually talking with Reed about finding another home for Bear.

He doesn't mouth at all - although he has tried a few times to break his training, but we just do what you taught us and he's realizing that he can't get away with it. Just a little while ago, we were all in the living room, watching TV. Reed, Kindred, and I were eating a snack, while Bear just lay on the floor (without tether since we had the drag leash on him). Gee, like a real family!

Since Bear had learned the nasty habit of chewing up newspapers from the breeder, I decided to begin training Bear away from that this morning. Typically, Kindred and I sit on the floor and read the Sunday funnies together. This morning, I put Bear on a tether near us, but not quite near enough to be tempted. He lay very nicely and I rewarded him. Then I put a sheet of newspaper (one of those disposable inserts) near him and told him to "leave it". He did and I rewarded him, while Kindred and I continued to read. We actually were able to finish our session with the funnies near Bear, with him on one side of me and Kindred on the other. Bear will make a really good reading dog! (He has the "inquisitive look".)

Thank you again! Reed and I are excited about continuing the good training you've begun in the Star-Barks class in November.

- Alicia Harvey and Bear, Snohomish, WA

Hi Becky and Dave. Thank you very much for the Latte tonight and the fun little field trip. We have really enjoyed the classes and are looking forward to taking more when the holidays are over. You have shown us there is no limit to how far we want to take this training and the benefits of it are amazing. Both of you make the classes fun and easy to learn.

Lewis is such a great dog that I feel compelled to learn as much as I can to give him the life he deserves.

A heart felt thank you.

- Eve Pickard and Lewis, Woodinville, WA
I want to thank you and Dave for the great puppy kindergarten class that Murphy and I just attended. You are right about the puppy not failing the class, just the owners. I am miffed at myself for not working between classes more deligently on practicing the skills you taught us in class. I reread some of the training tips you offered on your website and will use those to continue training. Thanks for getting us started, I love your website, very friendly for me to use! Have a great fall and hope to see you in Nov!

- Normandie Callahan and Murphy, Redmond, WA

Hi Heather.

I am really impressed with our classes! You are a great teacher. I know that Coco is learning more & more, plus the second time through basics was such a good idea. It was equally fortuitous that we got you as a teacher. Everyone has slightly different methods, and I have learned a great deal. So thank you.

I also wanted to thank you for your comment yesterday. I know you could tell that I struggle a bit with the correction collar & Coco and your advice was perfect. I will get it... I know. What really moved me though was your comment about my kids, their being responsible & respectful. That was so nice. You have no idea! I shared your comments with both & thanked them ever so much for making me feel so proud. Thank you for noticing AND saying so! It was very wonderful to hear!

On another note, Coco had a private herding trial this morning at a farm in Hobart. The trainer, Melinda Galt (?), said that she was a very good dog, with clearly some abilities in the area of herding or perhaps tending. I don't have any plans to go into any competitions, but the experience for Coco was a hoot! She really enjoyed it - could hardly wait to get out there. Melinda's plan for her is to work with her 15 minutes every three weeks! Interesting, isn't it?

Anyway, thanks so much for all you do!

- Pat Orvidas and Coco, Woodinville, WA
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we are enjoying the puppy classes. Scout has benefited greatly from the being in the class which in turn benefits the whole family. He is our first dog and the lessons learned are helpful. It took my husband and I a long time to get a dog because raising our three boys (two special needs) can be very hectic. I was especially hesitant to invite a dog to join our family. Your classes have taught us how to prevent many of the problem behaviors I see other people trying to correct in their dogs. Your instructions are so easy to follow and the dogs learn them so quickly. I am surprised how eager the dogs learn basic commands! If I had known about Puppy Manners before, I may have gotten a dog sooner. When we got the puppy, people would asked us,"Are you going to take him to puppy class?" Puppy Manners was the training most people recommended. I am so glad we enrolled in your classes. You are both wonderful instructors. Now I will recommend Puppy Manners too. Thank you for helping us train our dog so he is an enjoyable part of our family and those around us.

- Kristin Morris and Scout, Woodinville, WA
I wanted to let you know what pleasure both Ginger and I are getting from our visits to Woodinville Adult Day Center. We go every other week and stay about 30 minutes or a bit more. Listening to some of the clients talk about their dogs and recall memories that were hidden away has been fantastic. Ginger has picked out a couple favorite folks. Because of you and your program, we are getting our hearts uplifted. Thanks so much.

- Sheila Darsie and Ginger, Bothell, WA
Thanks so much for the [How To Tether Your Pup] tip. I put a tiny grommet in the wall near Blue's bed and now whenever we need him to leave our guests alone we just tether him on his bed with a treat and he seems perfectly content. It seems like a tiny thing but it has made a huge difference to me. I don't have to worry about him running for the street every time a guest comes or uninvitedly sniffing our friends. You are a savior. Thank you!!!!!!!

- Kristi Eldrenkamp and Blue, Medina, WA
Thank you for introducing us to the world of therapy dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed taking your class, found every therapy dog teacher to be wonderful, and look forward to taking Darcy out into the world as a therapy dog. You do an excellent job.

- Andrea, Abby & Katie Lairson and Mr. Darcy, Woodinville, WA
Just wanted to drop an extra thanking you for the "Get Along Little Doggies" training that Zorro (black Linda Maffett pup) had a few weeks ago. The coolest is the potty bell, which he picked up basically in one day. Occasionally he'll ring it to just go out, but not often. That is cool stuff! Thanks again.

- Ben Gardner-Young and Zorro, Seattle, WA

Thanks for the great Pupaccino training class! It was a LOT of fun (that 10 minute socializing session at the beginning of class was a HOOT) and made a huge difference in my behavior - Noah's too (^:^). That Passive Restraint thing is awesome. Noah complained about it at first but now he just settles in, goes limp and falls asleep. And what a difference in his behavior.

Now, looking forward to Star-Barks!

- Tim Ryan and Noah, Woodinville, WA
I just wanted to let you know that your training is really making a difference to Scooter. He is better behaved all around, not just when I work with him. He just seems happier and more relaxed, maybe he really needed the rules. My handicapped son could get Scooter to Sit and wait on the first day. I just put Scooter in his crate, because he wanted to fall asleep on me, and he is staying in there even though the door is open. So lots of good progress. I just wanted to thank you, it has made a big difference for us, and I really appreciate it.

- Jean Luebbert and Scooter, Bellevue, WA
I just wanted to thank you for all of your helpful advice through this training process. We don't know what we would have done with out you! I can honestly say that Tucker is a different dog. We feel like we still have a long way to go, but at least we have the foundation down! We will continue training with you until we have taken all of the classes. We are thankful that our vet recommended you. We are spreading the word to all of our friends and associates!

- Lidia Cherney and Tucker, Woodinville, WA
Thank you so much for the class today! It was fun and Jack picked up wait SO fast! I loved it and can't wait for next week :) (Jack was SO intrigued that he actually got to play with the puppies!)

- Laura Gorman and Jack, Redmond, WA

After our 101 class on Saturday I took Lucy (retired seeing eye dog/8yrs old) down a street where we experienced multi-dog excitement--just about every yard had a charging/barking dog come toward us from the other side of their fences. Some were close. Some were on leashes. And there was a squirrel. I just guided her with my body and calmly said "Don't worry about it" in a matter-of-fact tone and kept an even pace. She didn't bark or pull at all! The phrase worked pretty well before but I think it took the combination to make it work great. Your guidance has also made me more confident about how to handle her in these situations.

Then I took her on our first horse trail with my friends older male dog (Mac) and us on horses. Right off the bat we encountered 3 horse-riders. She did beautifully. No worries about me on the horse either! She had a blast swampin', chasing, sniffing. She acted as if she's been a flusher for years, loving every minute. She teamed up with Mac, the other dog, like they were life-long partners in crime. We mostly walked the horses and road for a little over an hour. Lucy may be older but she surely didn't wear herself out!

Since I've been in class, Lucy has bonded with a young, large neighboring male dog (He looks toward Lucy "Mother Hubbard" when we walk by scary things like loud trucks and barking dogs riding in a car past us.) and the older dog Mac. Lucy seems to trust me more and I feel clearer about how to communicate with her, enhancing our bond. My friends have commented several times about how wonderful your class has been for us. Even our classmate dog owners are commenting about how Lucy has gotten so much better with her dog-social skills. Hats off to ya Becky!

- Rachel Tomlin and Lucy, Monroe, WA
Thx, Becky. I have you to thank for our "success". I can't believe how much of a difference your class is made in our lives -- Rex is so much calmer and confident. Thank you.

- Georgi Boyle and Rex, Medina, WA
Thanks so much for the wonderful conversation and a special thanks to Dave for working with us and Patsy. We will never be able to repay you for your help and kindness!

- Micky and Jason Moerbe and Patsy, Kirkland, WA

We can't rave enough about how well mannered Griffin has been this past week. With rare exception, he is walking perfectly by our side even with very little reward. We've used nothing by the Martingale collar.

Griffin sat with us through 2 days of back-to-back meetings with people in and out of the room and often didn't even get up to greet new people as they came and and out. We've spent a week walking up and down numerous boat docks and in a variety of seashore towns. People always stop to admire him and pet him. Without exception, he is a perfect gentleman!!!!!!! Often we would tie him outside showers or bathrooms. Folks would stop to visit with him and dogs would pass by, all the while Griffin would remain calm and quiet . . . most often even choosing to ignore the other dogs.

I took him to play with other dogs in a nearby park this morning. I was prepared with my treat bag and spray bottle. He greeted the other dogs and then was more interested in retrieving for treats. I am anxious for more time with him around other dogs. Perhaps it's me and not him at this point who needs encouragement that we won't get into a dog fight. In the meantime, I thank you for arming me with the tools. One BIG dog was aware that I had treats. When he smelled the vinegar and water spray bottle in my hand he was off to mind his own business.

We can't be more pleased with our family pet!! Thanks for all your good work and advice.

- Jane and David Cable and Griffin, Clyde Hill, WA
I just wanted to say a big thanks to Dave for spending some extra time with Star and us tonight and talking through some techniques to work with him. They have payed off already. We walked around the garden a bit, when we got home, doing what you were doing and soon Star was staying with me. So we went for a walk and he was like a different dog with no pulling, and staying with me on a loose leash the whole time. Being dark, I couldn't see if the dogs were out at the house we had talked about, but all of a sudden Star shot off, so I held tight and did the pop when he got to the end of the lead. He did about 2 more lunges with me doing the same. Then you could see him realize that it wasn't going to work and he stopped beside me, loose leash, even though the other dogs were lunging and barking. We then did a jog past the rest of the fence but he was with me all the way. It has given me back my confidence in walking him. So a big thanks.

- Yvonne McKay and Star, Woodinville, WA
Hi, Becky. Just a quick thanks to you and Dave for a good session in class today. It was awesome to have some one-on-one help from Dave with Beamer. We both chuckled afterwards because we figured you called in the forces for our giant puppy! Boy did Beamer submit after a few minutes with Dave! We honestly were looking forward to another hour of frustration with Beamer going berserk over other dogs, but instead left class feeling very encouraged and hopeful that HE IS going to get this! Please thank Dave for his guidance. You both are so obviously pros at what you do and we have full confidence in your training!

- Cathy Herholdt and Beamer, Bothell, WA
Hi Becky. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Reading With Rover class last night. It's hard to believe it's been 1-1/2 years since Mocha and I took our first class with you and that we are now preparing for our Pet Partners certification. I'm so glad we found your classes to start Mocha's training off right when she was just a pup. Thanks to your coaching, she has developed into a truly happy, well-mannered dog and I am always proud to take her to Starbucks with me -- or anywhere else. :-))

- Deb McKinney and Mocha, Redmond, WA
I'm sure you hear this all the time - but I just have to tell you again just how fabulous, fun and extremely informative your classes have been!!! I've read that thing you had us take home in the beginning several times and I seem to learn something new each time I look at it. Have you considered writing a book? Or doing a video? I think you would be excellent at that! Your great sense of humor along with your no-nonsense attitude is really a great combination. You're very good at exuding confidence without coming off as a "know it all". That is a rare and necessary quality for this field of work. People want to feel they can trust you - but also don't like to be told they're doing something wrong. You've managed to even get through to my husband who thought he knew everything there was to know about training! Now THAT's impressive!!

- Kelly Herbold and Dakota, Kirkland, WA
Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your classes! We loved musical chairs last night and really enjoy all the exercises we do to practice new skills. I don't think Mocha and I are really suited to strict obedience training type classes and are much happier taking your classes, which include a play time and which help us work towards accomplishing the necessary skills to become a successful Pet Partner team. Thanks for all your encouragement and support to date.

- Deb McKinney and Mocha, Kirkland, WA
You are a great trainer and wonderful inspiration. I always learn so much from you. My only regret is that I can't take any more of your classes unless I get another puppy (hopefully that won't be happening soon).
I remember the first day I walked into Therapy class with Amos, and thought wow, this is a whole different training style than other trainers. It seemed much more gentle, but I figured maybe it was just because it was a Therapy class. I had never taken dog classes with any of my dogs until I got Amos so I thought the other trainers must know what they were doing, but there was some stuff I could never buy into. (I am glad I never saw what goes on behind the scenes there).
When I brought Tuck to your puppy class then I realized that it wasn't just the Therapy Dog class, that you, in fact, train with a much gentler touch and get better results. I am very comfortable correcting my dogs with the methods you teach.
Thanks for all your help with Amos and Tuck.

- Annemarie Kaighin and Tuck and Amos, Kenmore, WA
Thanks again for everything you have taught ME in how to communicate with Baci. Initially, I read 5 books and really, really, REALLY thought I could train him myself, but after several repetitive naughty dog episodes, I knew we needed professional help! Certainly Baci had potential, but you have helped ME bring out the very best in him. I have no doubts that Baci will grow into a GREAT dog - he's a good boy now, but will only get better with time, practice and consistent "parenting"...! Thank you.

- Lia Mancuso and Baci, Bellevue, WA
I wanted to just let you know how very much we both enjoyed "puppy class". Although Katie was shy with the other dogs she always was excited about coming to class and we both learned so much over the last 6 weeks! I'm thankful for all your helpful instruction... I have a good idea how to work with children since I have taught elementary school but figuring out how to get our puppy to [be] cooperative was a different story! It's wonderful to feel that I have the "tools" to help Katie become the family dog that we dreamed of. Friends and neighbors have commented on how much Katie's manners have already improved. I've been recommending Puppy Manners to everyone I know! Thanks again.

- Lorna Watkins and Katie, Kenmore, WA
I just wanted to write a quick note to say THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for coming out and helping me and Mona. She has caught on so quickly to everything you helped us with! My sister was absolutely flabbergasted with her yesterday. Mona started to do her typical wig out (which is what I wanted to work on) and we did the sit, down and wait commands, and she totally got it and was calmed down instantly. It was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, anyways, a BIG THANK YOU!

- Mary and Mona, Kirkland, WA
Jeff, Buckley, and I just wanted to thank you, Dave, and all your "helpers" again for all the extra attention and help you gave us during the Star-Barks 101 class as well as for the excellent scheduled curriculum. We really enjoyed your class! You may see us again in the fall/winter (when it's more fair to Buckley and we are not gone every weekend... don't worry, he comes with us!). Thanks again.

- Laura Fleming and Buckley, Woodinville, WA
The bells by the door to go out for potty... was the best idea I have ever heard of and all of my friends are amazed. Definitely a must-teach for the puppy classes. That idea alone was worth the class. Thanks and see you in July!

- Christine Mathews and Max, Bellevue, WA
I need to brag on Tristan a little bit. My sister was here for a couple of weeks w/ her 5 month old (Carter) and 3 year old (Ailis). Tristan has always done well meeting toddlers and small children at the park and allowing himself to be petted, but I expected him to be challenged a little bit re: how to behave with small people in his own home (moving quickly, petting differently, smelling intriguing, etc.). He did AWESOME, though. He was very responsive to commands to "leave" the baby alone, and learned after a couple of on-leash trials that Ailis was not something to be chased. He brought toys back to her when she threw them for him, and followed through with the "give" with very little cueing from me. By the end of the visit, he had learned to "sit" & "shake" for her on command. Of course, I would never leave him unsupervised with little kids, but I feel great about his attitude and patience during the visit. I just wanted to share (again) how thrilled I am (Emily & Dee) with Tristan's temperament & personality AND how pleased I am (Becky) with the training support we've had through class & your valuable feedback. Woohoo!

- Stephanie Ard and Tristan, Woodinville, WA
Thank you for your talent, love, and passion for what you do. I'm so happy you've been an influence in Lucy's life.

- Cathy Bahn and Lucy, Redmond, WA
Thanks, Becky for all your patience, intuition, problem solving skills and being as wonderful with people as you are with animals. A rare combination, indeed. We have a long way to go but we will get there!!!

- Sandy Olsen and Mike, Lynnwood, WA

Becky, since attending your training for therapy dogs in 2001, we have achieved certification of our Sheltie, Cole, by the Delta Society in December 2001.

In February 2002, Cole and I began visiting patients in Swedish Hospital, Providence Campus. We completed the volunteer program as well as a period of mentoring by other dog therapy volunteers and were accepted as volunteers. We visit mostly elderly patients every other Monday and it is a joy to witness the good effects that these visits have on the patients and staff of the hospital. Everyone knows Cole (they may not remember my name) and Cole looks forward to the visits. Our plans include Celeste to accompany us every other Saturday at Providence.

In June 2002, Celeste and I began weekly visits with Cole to the Children's Hospital in Seattle. We were volunteers at the hospital for several years and decided to seek approval to take Cole to visit the kids. After several mentoring sessions with an experienced therapy dog handler at Children's Hospital, we were approved as a team. Today we can honestly say that the program is a success. We and the children and staff alike all look forward to Cole's visits each Thursday night and the rewards are great for all involved. Volunteering with Cole continues to be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Cole is loved and has become an expert in getting treats from everyone he visits.

Thanks to you and your associates for providing the valuable training needed for us to perform this wonderful volunteer service.

- Curtis J. Hezeau and Cole, Woodinville, WA

We enjoyed our first puppy kindergarten class yesterday. We have a female golden retriever and we had our two sons with us. I noticed in the handout that you would like to know if anyone is interested in therapy dog training; we are!!

Our breeder, Sandy Hourigan, would like to come and visit your puppy class. I'm not sure how she originally heard about PuppyManners, but she mentioned it to me and I liked what I saw on your web site. She spent a lot of time with my oldest son, who is nine, helping him to deal rationally with his fear of dogs. She didn't want to sell us a pup unless she was sure that Will would be okay. Will had a scare with an unleashed black lab on the beach a few years ago (as we were leaving the class last night he made a point of patting Moose on the head; I was amazed!).

We're all pretty amazed and thrilled that we have this wonderful dog in our family now; and we thought it would be great for the boys and for us as a family to train her as a therapy dog.

It is reassuring to know that we've got the experts on board; thanks a lot in advance for your program!

- Ronda King and Rose, Seattle, WA
The class today was great. I am looking forward to the next. You run a first class - class.

- Barbara Collins and Oscar, Carnation, WA
Becky, thanks for giving me the opportunity to continue with Tobi. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and I appreciate you and your technique---you are awesome.

- Kathy Kansky and Tobi, Bellevue, WA
Just a quick 'Thank You' for coming by the house last night. It's like we have a different puppy - and I know it's all in how our perspectives have changed. She slept in her crate without a single whimper or 'accident' and today, she's learning so quickly that she's not in control anymore. I'm amazed at the difference being armed with a few strategies and some 'doggie insight' has made - I'm looking forward to seeing us grow as masters and Chief grow into a great puppy. :)

- Teresa Jessup and Chief, Woodinville, WA
Thank you for saving our marriage and our relationship with our dog – and making it all fun. Your private sessions with us have sometimes felt that significant to us. We've had generic puppy manner problems like mouthing and jumping that you empowered us to manage. We've also had unique behavioral issues with our dog that your skill with dogs in general and your learning about us specifically made every session a giant step forward in our becoming better dog owners and our dog becoming a better dog. Your personal consultations and training, focusing on us and on our dog as issues have come up, have been incredibly valuable. Just when we think we have dog ownership skills nailed, something interesting or difficult comes up. Every "check to Becky" has been an investment with great returns. We'll be lifetime clients.

- Reed and Laurie West and Gus, Woodinville, WA

Just a quick note to tell you how much Maddie and I learned and enjoyed the class today. Taking her out to her outside kennel a few minutes ago, she was off leash as usual, except this time she walked beside me. I was thrilled about it and as soon as I noticed her attention begin to wander and as she was beginning to take a step away from me I simply said "no" in a calm voice and she came right back to my side and walked happily by my side the rest of the way! The kennel is about 150 feet or so from the house with plenty of stuff to be distracted by, so needless to say I am thrilled with her! Good Dog!

I'm so looking forward to the next five weeks of class. Our intention was to have her in a class way before this but unforturnately some unhappy circumstances prevented it.

Already from this morning's class I have discovered some missing links to my understanding of dog training. I know there will be more & we'll take those as they come. I appreciate your approach to the class setting and for keeping things simple.

Thanks for today and see you next week!

- Vickie Corell and Maddie, Redmond, WA
Last night Duncan and I took Sydney to Cascade Kennels "Beyond Puppyhood" with Becky Bishop. It was a riot! I have never seen Syd's herding instinct displayed so strongly. When Becky let them run around and play at the beginning of class [Sydney] was trying to herd them all by barking and running back and forth between the clusters of playing dogs. I had no idea she was so bossy.

- Jennifer Huffman-Swift and Sydney, Carnation, WA
I'm really enjoying your class, Becky!! You're a great teacher, guide, and mentor -- and your handouts are astonishing! Great compendiums of information in just a few pages and paragraphs -- I've laminated each page you've given us in class and just keep them on the kitchen counter so that one or the other of us can pick a page up and take it wherever to work on your suggestions with Gellen at frequent ten-minute intervals spread out nicely over the course of each day. We're having a lot of fun, and Gellen's a great girl!

- Robin Morse and Gabriellen, Duvall, WA

I guess one thing that seems good about the class is that you are very good at showing us different alternatives for correcting behaviors without ever making us feel stupid for the way we have been doing stuff. That's a fine balance that not all dog trainers achieve.

Also, I think what really appeals to me is how this class is geared toward getting dogs to behave well in public situations, including therapy situations. What I have always wanted is to take my dog pretty much everywhere and this class is truly aimed at making that possible. As you point out, it isn't that a particular healing sitting position matters. It is just seeing a certain standard of behavior.

So the class exactly meets my needs and you teach in a very comfortable way that promotes learning.

- Connie Miller and Baker, Seattle, WA
My whole family and I want to thank you for the puppy session with Max. While I will give my family the credit for Max's good behavior, I have to give you the credit for being such a great puppy coach with the kids and me! They loved it that you gave them credit for the things they were doing right, and the humorous and sometimes hilarious insight with the things they were doing wrong. Oh, and I'm sure if Max could hug and say "THANKS!" he would. But I'm sure you're used to settling for licks! The kids are sort of hoping Max will misbehave just so we can invite you back! You turned what I thought would be a battle with dog and kids into a fun family affair!

- Dr. Lynn Beck and Max, Camarillo, CA
We just want to say that we really enjoyed your Puppy-Express-O class we have learned a lot from you and Karen in such a little time. Because of the two of you, Farouk is totally potty trained. It's amazing how changing little things paid off so well! See you in Puppy Kindergarten. Thanks again.

- Tim Cronkhite, Tom Triplett and Farouk, Bothell, WA
I just wanted to say thank you for a terrific six weeks. I learned a tremendous amount; and I know that Tristan will be a happier dog because of the skills you shared in class. You have a wonderful knack of making every puppy "mom" & "dad" feel as if their pup is the BEST ONE THERE. I think that talent of yours went a long way in encouraging us all to "hang in there" and work through some of those puppy-troubles. You'll see us again in "Star-Barks 101: Beyond Puppyhood!"

- Stephanie Ard and Tristan, Woodinville, WA
When our family decided to get a new dog, we wanted to adopt or rescue an older puppy. We found a beautiful six-month-old yellow Labrador that had been neglected for several months. You helped us successfully transition the dog into an "indoor" dog in a matter of days. You taught us how to socialize as well as train the new member of our family. We are thrilled with the results of just a few Puppy Manners sessions with you. Our neighbors are so impressed with your skills you are now training their dog too!

- Tom and Alison Evert and Molly, Woodinville, WA
After almost giving up on our dog Maddie, you convinced us we could solve Maddie's jumping problem. Prior to our session with you we were constantly blaming our dog for her problem. After our "manners" session with you my family realized Maddie's problem was not Maddie's fault. It was an owner created problem. Your humorous approach to dogs made it easy for my family to understand and help Maddie. I'm only sorry we didn't call you sooner!

- Paul and Rose DeMaris and Maddie, Woodinville, WA
I also wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed the class. It was absolutely invaluable. I learned more in 6 weeks then I ever would have figured out on my own, no matter how many books I read.

- Kevin Hinson and Wylie, Redmond, WA
Thanks much for getting back to me so quickly and for the helpful response. I also want to let you know how much we've appreciated your classes so far. They've made a big difference in how we approach training Jack Henry -- we've learned so much.

- Marne Krohn Baca and Jack Henry, Bellevue, WA
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heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment."
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if you talk to him in his language it goes to his heart."
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