The Trick Tip is a feature of the Puppy Manners site. Here, we try to give you the training steps to teach your dog how to perform a cute trick. Here's the current trick tip:

Cookie Snatch! We call this trick the Cookie Snatch and once you see it, we think you'll agree that the name describes it perfectly. This is a real crowd pleaser and is sure to be a hit wherever you go with your dog.

We recommend that you start with your dog in the seated position.

Take your dog's nose in your left hand and gently hold his mouth closed. I like to make a fist with my right hand and use the command "hold" or "wait". As I rock my right fist up and down I say "OK" and let go with my left hand.

Your dog might look down and drop the treat or he may snatch it. Either way, give him lots of praise!

Once your dog understands to hold the treat on his nose, you should stop holding his nose with your left hand, and work on just placing the biscuit on the nose while giving the command word. Your dog will find his own way of getting the biscuit off his nose. Whatever way he does it, let him know he was a good dog for holding the treat until you said, "OK!"

Make sure you don't place the treat too close to the dog's eyes. Place the treat more on the bridge of the nose—this makes for an easier snatch! I also leave the leash on when teaching this trick and if the dog drops the treat I will use the leash to prevent him from eating the treat. He should only get it if he holds the treat and waits until I give the signal!

Kaiya makes it look easy in the video clip (see link above). She's fast!

Have fun with it! When people ask you if you show your dog, tell them, "No, we just show off!"

featured dog: Kaiya

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